Applying for Support

1) What age children does the Empty Stocking Fund support?

Children qualify if they are 1 or older ( born before Dec 31, 2020, or 12 and under ( born after Jan 1, 2008. No exceptions. This has been the charity’s charter since 1912.

2) What geographic area does the Empty Stocking Fund support?

The child’s primary residence must be in the greater Saint John area.

  • E2E Rothesay, Quispamsis
  • E2G Quispamsis
  • E2H SJ East, Renforth
  • E2J SJ East
  • E2K SJ North
  • E2L SJ Central
  • E2M SJ West
  • E2N SJ Lakewood
  • E2P Redhead
  • E2R Grandview
  • E2S Loch Lomond
  • E5J Lepreau
  • E5K Grand Bay Westfield
  • E5M Browns Flat
  • E5N Hampton
  • E5R St Martins

3) Who can apply for the child?

The parent or legal guardian. Each child may only be registered once.

4) What does the Empty Stocking Fund provide?

We provide a Walmart gift card for each child. The amount may vary by year. We take the amount in the bank account on the Monday following the telethon and divide it by the number of children registered.

5) What is the registration process?

The parent or legal guardian must have a government-issued ID for themselves and for each child ( eg. Medicare card) which shows the ages of the children. Registration opens in early Oct and closes the Monday before the telethon. The parent will take the ID to a participating partner. Most local churches participate but it is advised to call ahead as their hours and participation may vary. If there is an assigned caseworker or social worker, they also participate. They will take down your information and register you with the Empty Stocking Fund. The Empty Stocking Fund will not accept applications directly. You must go through a partner church or agency.

6) Where and when can I pick up the gift card?

Whoever registered you, will call you when the cards have arrived. They normally take 7-10 days after the telethon. The telethon is usually the third Saturday in November.

7) How do I get a registration form?

Most partners will have copies on hand. You can also get a copy of the website under the application tab. The forms are also published regularly in the Telegraphy Journal and the ‘Around the Block’ publication.

Making a Donation & Receiving a Tax Receipt

1) Where can I make a donation?

  1. You can donate at anytime of the year by going online to will provide a tax receipt
  2. On the day of the telethon, you can call in your donation at 506 633-6600. A tax receipt will be issued at a later date as long as you provide your address.
  3. On the day of the telethon, there are ‘bankers’ on site who can take your donation and issue a tax receipt.


2) How do I honour my pledge if I call the telethon but do not have or want to provide my credit card number?

a) You can honour your pledge by paying at any local branch of the Royal Bank. They do not issue receipts, however.

b) You can drop off or mail your pledge to The Empty Stocking Fund ℅ The Telegraph-Journal at 380 Bayside Drive Saint John, NB E2L 4Y8. A tax receipt will be mailed at a later date.


1) How can my child audition for the telethon?

School-age children can audition for the telethon. Details are on our website at on the telethon tab. Music teachers coordinate for school choirs.

2) How can I volunteer at the telethon?

Many of our volunteers have been working the telethon for decades so there are often few spots available. Please reach out directly to

3) How can my company, family, or club get involved?

Often groups will do fundraising activities and call in their donations to the telethon as with any donation. Sponsorship packages start at $1000 where your company/club logo is on our site etc. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved

4) How can my church or agency get involved as a participant?

Contact us directly to discuss. We will take your gov’t issued registration number, address and contact information. You can reach us at

How can I contact the Empty Stocking Fund?

You can email us at
Message us on our Facebook Page at Empty Stocking Fund – Saint John

Applications Available at these locations

Many churches and agencies in the Greater Saint John area are able to take your application. If you have a social or caseworker, they can also take your application. It is advised to call ahead to any local church first, to see if they are taking applications, and second, to find out their hours of operation. You must have a government-issued ID showing the birth dates of your children ( eg. Medicare). We have over 60 partners but below is a small list of those participating this year.

Uptown Saint John and South End

Avenue B
62 Waterloo Street
Sister Nickerson

Saint John East to St Martins

St Mary & St Bartholomew’s
646 Westmorland Road
Saint John, NB E2J 2H4
Carol Anne

St. Joseph’s Church
4347 Loch Lomond Rd
Saint John NB
E2N 1C8
Susan Savoie

Garnett Settlement
634 Route 825
Garnett Settlement, NB E2S 1T5

FHB Church
36 Mountain Road
(506) 633-7515
Please call the Church Office to book a time for registration.

 Saint John North

Crescent Valley Gospel Centre
500 Somerset Street
Hours: Mon Thru Fri. 10 – 4

RiverCross Mission
211 Main Street
Saint John, NB

Email and telephone for PARTICIPANTS ONLY from November 1-15, 2021

Telephone:  642.8060 Ext. 206

Registration days & times:

Mondays – 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Tuesdays – 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Wednesdays – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Saint John West to Lepreau

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm 
Holly McKenzie, Office Manager
Lancaster Baptist Church
87 Church Ave
Saint John, NB E2M 4P5
Office: (506)635-8980
Fax: (506) 635-8788

Hillcrest Baptist Church
476 Lancaster Ave
Saint John, NB E2M 2Y2
Kathy O’Connor

Carleton Kirk United Church
1 Carleton Kirk Place
Saint John, NB E2M 5B8

Grand Bay Westfield to Browns Flat

Grand Bay Baptist Church
77 Woolastook Drive
Grand Bay-Westfield, N.B.
E5K 1S3

Church Office is open Monday – Friday,  9:00 – 1:00
You can also leave a message on EXT. 101 and we will return your call.

Roxy Ring
Administrative Assistant

The Anglican Church of the Resurrection 
20 MacDonald Ave, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
phone: 738-2474 

OFFICE HOURS Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am-1:30pm 

Lael Osborne

Contact Us


380 Bayside Drive, Saint John, NB