Kindness initiative

In partnership with Desjardins, a proud supporter of the Empty Stocking Fund.

What is the “Kindness Initiative”?

Desjardins has partnered with The Empty Stocking Fund to create an initiative for students from grades K-8 that focuses on kindness. With everything we have gone through as a result of the pandemic and the amount of negativity that seems to exist, it is important for the children to focus on being kind to each other and spreading kindness in the community. Let’s help spread some holiday cheer by sharing the children’s expressions of kindness and compassion through pictures, stories and videos.

There are 3 grade levels for participation in the initiative: K-3, 4-5 and 6-8. Each level has a corresponding package attached. The deadline for all submissions is Oct. 15th, 2021.

You’ll see entry details below for the chance to have the submissions featured during the Empty Stocking Fund telethon.

Let’s help children practise literacy while underlining their act of kindness in a holly, jolly way!


  1. The initiative is open to children in grades K through 8 in the Greater Saint John area.
  2. Submissions must be made between September 8th and October 15th.
  3. In partnership with the Anglophone School District – South and the Francophone School District – South, all entries must include:
    • the child’s name
    • the teacher’s name
    • the school’s name
  4. Entries will be collected by teachers at both school districts or may be submitted online.
  5. Only one entry per child is allowed.

Which stories will be read during the Empty Stocking Fund telethon?

Five Written entries and two videos will be randomly drawn to be featured during the Empty Stocking Fund telethon, via live broadcast or prerecorded video. Ten written entries will be randomly selected to appear in the Telegraph Journal and Ten videos will appear on our website on November 13th.

How to enter

Choose a category below to download a printable PDF with Instructions. Then fill out the form below once your entry is ready to submit.

Submissions for the Kindness initiative

Submissions close October 16.

Thank you to Desjardins for generously supporting the second Stories of Kindness edition!

In partnership with Desjardins, a proud supporter of the Empty Stocking Fund.