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From its founding by Harry “Dutch” Ervin in 1912 to our new donation record season in 2021, the Empty Stocking Fund has supported countless good works. It is thanks to the tremendous contributions of our partners, sponsors, and volunteers that this labour of love has been able to do so much good and make a difference for children in need at Christmas time over the past 110 years.

Heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who contributed their time and energy to support the Fund with a special thank you to the family of founder Harry “Dutch” Ervin who personally supported the fund by volunteering – in some cases for 40 years!

While there will not be a telethon or fundraising drive for 2022, the charity will distribute its remaining funds to approximately 2,000 children, through its partner agencies, this coming Christmas time.

Registration for 2022 is now closed.

Thank You once again.

The Empty Stocking Fund